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Product CodeKV-WH-PD-SO

Our Kotavelo pads new for 2016 are an updated version of a tried and tested product.  We took the same blue pad material that was tested back in 2006 and updated the design to improve the pads cleaning ability and wet weather performance.  The result?  More power, even less wear on the rims.  This material offers an outstanding balance braking performance on Alloy & Carbon rims combined with the ability to keep the rims as cool as possible.

How does keeping the rim cool help?  Reduced wear on your rims, reduced chance of heat related issues like pressure rise and melted resin in the case of carbon wheels.  Simply put, pads are cheaper than rims so it makes sense to use the best pads possible.

Although our alloy rims are compabile with any pads on the market, we recommend using the Kotavelo pads to maximise the life of your rims and braking performance.  Many OEM supplied pads contain abrasives such as aluminium oxide in the pad construction which helps the pads to be durable but causes premature wear to your rims.  In the case of our Carbon wheels, we inist that you must use our pads.

If you are swapping between Alloy and Carbon wheels, please take the time to inspect the brake pad and remove any alloy filings that might be lodged in the pad although our recommendation is to have two sets of pads, one for alloy wheels and one for carbon so you are not mixing and matching them.

Pads are supplied as a complete set, you get Front & Rear included (4pcs in total).

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