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Supernova Airstream 370lm Headlight

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Product Code KA600-AUS
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Supernova Airstream Rechargeable Battery Powered LED Light

The Supernova Airstream is one of the brightest road legal lights available.  It was developed as a completely maintenance free light that can be used for daily commuting as well as as for tough off-road rides.  The Airstream can be mounted on round handlebars and even centrally on the stem (see more images link).  There is an optional bracket that allows the light to be mounted in front of the stem if required.  The optional plug-in rear light has power supplied from the main battery and you will never have to worry about charging it or replacing its cells.

The Supernova Terraflux lens used in the Airstream spreads out a wide, far-reaching carpet of light in front of the rider.  90% of the light is guided towards the ground where it is needed the most.  The efficiency of the lens is so good that one can even ride a bicycle at a dimmed-down setting with up to 24 hours burn time.

The unit is supplied with an Australian standards approved 240v charger.  There is also an optional USB cable for those who want to charge from USB, perfect for those riders who want to top-up the battery at work.  The Airstream can even be configured to be charged from a dynamo hub by using an optional adaptor!

Max. Brightness 370 Lumen
Leuchtdauer 2.5 - 24 h / 2.5 - 7 h (StVZO-Version)
Lens type Terraflux 2
Illuminant CREE LED
Length x diameter 105 x 40 mm
Material 6061 Aluminium
Weight 165 g

"It makes an awesome helmet mounted light…you have achieved exactly the right balance between run time, brightness and weight! Apart from the stunning machining, the most impressive aspect of the light is the optics…the rectangular spread of light is perfect for riding in the lanes."

Andy Blance, Designer at Thorn Cycles, UK

Note:  Does not include optional tail light, can be purchased seperate from our site.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Excellent mounting & build quality

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I have a Supernova Airstream and can attest to the strength of the O-ring. It doesn't wobble around at all on average road conditions. Only when I did some fairly hardcore MTB did it move about a bit. I take it on and off all the time, the O-ring is sill in top condition. The brightness is very good without being extreme. I usually have it on blinking mode, which isn't as bright as the brightest level, but easily good enough to ride with. The brightest setting is generally only used when it's raining. The build quality is extremely good. (Aug 19 2013, 16:47 pm)

I can see myself riding A LOT more at night

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Just did my first proper night ride with the Supernova Airstream, on rural roads with no streetlighting whatsoever. Have to say I'm very happy. Nice clean white beam, from directly in front of the bike to a good 30m. I could vary that with marginal tilt adjustment. The o-ring attachment is much more stable on rough descents than the clamp system on my last light too, which used to tip back at the worst moments. No movement at all on this one. I can see myself riding a lot more at night. Almost no traffic, vs the crazy stuff that was out late afternoon when I had planned to ride. (Aug 03 2013, 23:14 pm)

Love this light!

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finally had a chance to try out my airstream I got from Deon. anyway headed out at 5:30 and went up the 1:20 and can I say I love this light. Gave off a great beam and going up the hills with no other ambient light it was sensational. The other thing I noticed is that cars noticed me. Plenty of them waiting for me to pass, even when they could have pulled out but it was very noticeable they could see me. Very happy with the light and would recommend to anyone looking for a decent light (Aug 03 2013, 23:12 pm)

Best lights ever used

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I've been a long-time supporter of Ayup lights. For me they have been the benchmark by which other lights were judged. When my batteries began to wear out I thought about replacing them but wanted to get back to an integrated light (no separate battery) and thought I'd give the Supernova Airstream a go. I could not be happier, the light spread is SUPERIOR to Ayup, I'd need 2 or 3 sets of Ayup's to get the same amount of light. The battery status indicator is great and tool free mounting means I can swap them between bikes in seconds. The reflector in these lights is amazing, the light is far better than lights which output several times more power - when they tell you 90% of the light is thrown at the ground, they aren't telling stories!! (Jul 24 2013, 13:46 pm)
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